Two birthdays: 2 and 60

Yesterday, my grandson, Jack, turned 2, and I turned 60. Last night, three-foot tall, gold Mylar balloons of our ages floated above our respective chairs as we ate cake. And I asked myself a question: did I want to switch places and be 2 again?

Doesn’t each of us sometimes want to turn back time? Especially if we could tweak our decisions based on everything we’ve learned during this life.

But no, that’s not what I want. This is what I want:

To have people understand that inside I feel like I’m 30 and am surprised when they offer me the senior discount and sad when they discount my worth because of my age.

To have them understand that no, it won’t be different for you. Once, I was every bit as cool as you are (because frankly, you aren’t that cool). And yes, you will be equivalently dismissed and talked over and ignored.

To adequately articulate how fast it all goes and to effectively sound the alarm to “seize the day.”

To more frequently seize the day.

To effortlessly squat in order to reach my pen that rolled under my desk or Jack’s ball that rolled under the couch.

To meet 10 new people and remember all their names.

To eat steak and fries once a week with no consequence.

To run a fast 10k (and as a bonus, without wetting my pants).

To live in Paris yet have my entire family gather for dinner once a week.

To accept my choices.

To freeze this age forever.

But not live forever.

Yesterday afternoon we sipped wine in the hills next to Monticello in a vineyard aptly named Jefferson. The boys rolled in the grass, and Jack mimicked them and then laughed. The women talked, drank wine, ate cheese. A perfect fall day. As perfect an afternoon as I have spent in my life.

And I realized, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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20 replies

  1. Happy Birthday, Julie !! Welcome to the 60’s …………… again !!

  2. Happy birthday, Julie 🙂

    So grateful to have you in our lives and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your stories with us all.

    Be well.

  3. I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago. And I turned 61 yesterday! Wonderful thoughts on living in the moment.

  4. Happy Birthday, Julie. This is a great post. Ryan’s son (Reed) will be 2 in December.

  5. Happy Birthday! I completely relate to everything you said you want. I remember someone telling me I can have everything I want, just not at the same time. Such true words.

  6. Happy Birthday and welcome to the fastest growing demographic. I like the phrase “seize the day”, it only gets more pressing. I also relate to that inside feeling and am surprised when it takes longer than it should to get up from the floor! Continue to have fun and enjoy that 2 year old.

  7. Bonne anniversaire Julie! I don’t comment often but I always look forward to your posts. Love you’re nuggets of wisdom. It comes with age. À bientôt à Paris

  8. Well said! Happy belated birthday!

  9. Happy birthday ,Julie (one you share with my sister who is just a couple years behind you)
    Now a couple years into my 60’s I must say there is solid comfort here. Much of that likely emanates from my conscious choice to embrace my inner curmudgeon and enjoy the senior discount a the movies. Preparing to retire from ful time employment in a couple months and draw much inspiration from your writing – please keep on!

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