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Welcome to “The World in Between.” My name is Julie Callahan. For 32 years, I worked for IBM. Now, we’re wanderers (or nomads, full-time travellers, rovers. Take your pick).

Mont-Saint-Michel-Julie 2048

Me, backside of Mont Saint Michel

Bottom line, we live without a permanent home, moving every month or three to furnished apartments.

Before I go too far, let me introduce the other half of “we”, my partner in all this, my husband, and photographer, Pat.

This blog is the story of our wanderings, which began in 2011 when I accepted an 18-month work assignment in Bratislava, Slovakia. Then, we moved to Budapest, Hungary for two years. When we returned to the United States, I retired.

Paris-Pat Cocktail

Pat, in Pasdeloup–Paris 11th

During our time in Central Europe, and with our three children in college or grown, we sold everything (house, stuff, cars, dog). Our son Ryan might assert that we still have boxes in his basement, and we do. Christmas ornaments and pictures. A handful of heirlooms. But even those items, over the years, have dwindled.

People ask us how this feels, to own nothing. It feels free.

So far, we’ve lived in Austin, Bratislava, Budapest, Guatemala, Philadelphia, Charlottesville, Paris, Berlin, West Cork, Zurich, Traverse City, and Marin County, (and more, I’m sure) and we’ve vacationed in a number of other places. (and yes, we take vacations! Deliberately so)

For a year, we lived in Paris with residency and return to it often. It is, and always will be, my special place (and hence, it will have a special place on this blog).

Beyond Paris, I write about places, people, and ruminations that get stuck in my head. Things that captivate me, or intrigue me, or just make me laugh. That’s the beauty about life on the road: It always changes. It’s never boring.

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