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Welcome to “The World in Between.” My name is Julie. For 32 years, I worked for IBM, the last 4 years in Central Europe (Bratislava and Budapest). During that time, we sold our home, cars and a life time of accumulated stuff.


Me, on the back side of Saint Michel

Our kids grew up. We found a home for the dog.

And when those four years ended, I returned to the US and retired, left IBM one day in late April without shedding a tear. I’ve never looked back.

With no physical ties (and no home to return to), my husband, Pat, and I decided to become full-time travellers. Nomads. Every one to three months we moved: Austin, Texas. Traverse City, Michigan. Berlin. Guatemala. Paris.

After two years of full-time wandering, we returned to Paris and settled. For a year. Then two. It’s where we live now.

Paris-Pat Cocktail

Pat during our cocktail phase: Paris

This blog is the story of our nomadic retirement. Everything from selling our things to learning new skills to meeting new friends to juggling family to redefining home.

When people ask me what my blog is about, I usually say it’s the intersection of travel and mid-life crisis.

It rambles. Yet I hope it makes a point.

But more than anything, I hope this blog helps you realize that your dreams can come true. Life can be different: Unconventional. Simultaneously small and big. Cheap and rich.

Whatever your dreams, I hope you chase them. I’m glad you found me. Please follow along.