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  • Seven Years After

    This week is the seventh anniversary of our move from Evergreen, Colorado to Bratislava, Slovakia. The move wasn’t my idea; I had barely heard of Bratislava. My manager had called months earlier and proposed a six-month assignment. Pat and I… Read More ›

  • Summertime in Paris

    It’s quiet here. Not so much in the tourist areas, which are as inundated as ever. But in the 11th where I live, signs hang on most doorways announcing extended closures. Here, we are in the midst of an age-old migration:… Read More ›

  • Paris, Ella Fitzgerald and me

    I should tell you that I’m writing this blog post because it’s been a while; I’ve missed you; I wanted to catch up. But those would be lies. I’m writing this blog post because I’ve run out of things to… Read More ›

  • Charity Bird

    Charity Bird was half Lenape and half French. Born in New Jersey, she ultimately became a homesteader, moving to North Dakota with her husband, James. Eventually, they would have six children before Charity died in childbirth. The baby lived—a girl…. Read More ›