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  • Charity Bird

    Charity Bird was half Lenape and half French. Born in New Jersey, she ultimately became a homesteader, moving to North Dakota with her husband, James. Eventually, they would have six children before Charity died in childbirth. The baby lived—a girl…. Read More ›

  • A Pilgrimage to Paris . . .

    It’s been a dreary winter in Paris, a fitting backdrop as I’ve trudged through the Middle Ages. I thought I’d be finished in one rainy afternoon. After all, didn’t we learn in school that it was also called the Dark… Read More ›

  • A Hike Through Bordeaux

    It was drizzling as Pat and I stepped off the train at the Saint-Émilion station, so we pulled up our hoods and covered our backpacks before charting the path on my cell phone. We turned away from the ancient wine town… Read More ›

  • My Wine Man

    I consider my wine man a good friend; I think he considers me a good customer. It’s cultural. Let me explain. We see each other 2 or 3 times a week. When he passes the boulangerie where I have my… Read More ›

  • French Encore

    Some years ago, my girlfriend’s husband set off from Boulder, Colorado to Katmandu, Nepal on a quest to summit Mount Everest. For two months, I followed his trek on the internet: the valley, base camp, camp 1, base camp, back… Read More ›