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  1. As I read the part about you disconnecting from social media, I was worried that you were going to say you were deleting your blog! I’m so relieved that you’re not! Practice, practice , practice!

  2. Just read your post of 1-26 in my email. Please don’t give up your blog writing. I enjoy it so much and live vicariously through your painting of life as you see it, where ever you happen to be. I loved the Paris stories especially as I have visited the city in the past and it brought back great memories. Thanks so much for your writing, don’t ever stop.

  3. Keep living and writing, Julie (it’s who you are)! Happy New Year from the retired side ( one month in).

    • Hi Lynn! So nice to hear from you. Congratulations!! May you have even half the impact in retired life that you had while working. I hope you are loving it!

      • Thanks for the kind comment, Julie (making a small difference really matters)! I’m off to a great start and find your blog absolutely inspiring and entertaining. You have a real gift for writing and living which I admire. Stay happy.

  4. Thank you for your practice. I have followed you for about 3 years and have no intentions of simplifying my life by unplugging you. I connect to your writing in a very meaningful way as you are living your life as I yearn to live mine (my husband does not enjoy travel).So write on and keep sharing. It is very appreciated!!!

  5. Please don’t stop writing….I agree with so much of what you have to say…I’m green with envy with your journey….I’m living vicariously through you…..you are having an effect on my thoughts.
    Just one little voice from Fort Collins

  6. Julie –

    Always fascinating and worth reading! I’ve enjoyed “traveling” with you and Pat.

    Hopefully you’ll stay connected to this part of the digital world for a bit longer.

    All the best to you always.



  7. Thanks for this post Julie. I do believe you have the gift. I don’t think you can “learn to write”, just like you can’t learn to sing when you are tone-deaf.
    Now, if you do believe practice, practice and more practice is needed here, by all means! Go for it.
    The highlight of my week is an e-mail “new post from World In Between”.
    Please, keep writing! Can’t wait for more, that also goes for Pat’s photos.

  8. Lol. I AM tone-deaf. You can sing your heart out….

  9. Good luck with mastering your craft. To me you have already improved your writing compared to say two years ago. It was interesting then, as it is now, but I used to find you gave too many details. There are still details, but you are writing them in a more interesting way. I wish I could explain it better, but keep up the good work! I also applaud you for streamlining your social media!

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