We Get Rid of our Storage Unit

All that remains....

All that remains….

Wow, I realize I haven’t posted to my blog in 10 days. Our time in Colorado is a blur. Sure, we had fun with friends, dinners out, and parties. But our storage unit and doctors consumed so much of our time.

I’m writing this as we are flying chugging across Illinois in a Uhaul truck. Our storage unit is gone, the remains tucked into the cargo bay behind us. With few regrets, we parsed a 10 by 20 foot pile of stuff which mounded to as high as 10 feet into a 10 by 6 foot truck constrained to half that height. Tonight we will sleep near Pittsburgh; tomorrow we will dump our whittled down remains into our son’s basement in Philadelphia.

At the last minute, in a fit of doubt and panic, we nearly upgraded to a larger model. Once we looked into the hold, our rental seemed so tiny. Ultimately, we held to our plan and used this as the impetus to cull aggressively. As it turned out, we fit everything into the smaller truck with a third of the space unfilled. For a brief moment, we discussed fetching some of our possessions back. Then we agreed, it’s better this way.

We placed furniture and bicycles in consignment, a leather sofa and mattress went to a friend, my grandmother’s old, stuffed chairs moved in with a young couple in Denver (these were the only items I cried over) and we purged five, massive, trash bags of garbage (not exactly sure where that came from).

But the big winner was Goodwill. Boxes of books, crystal, kitchen appliances (my Italian deep fryer which I pulled out each August when the zucchini blossoms appeared at the farmers market, my madeleine tins inspired by Marcel Proust). Basically Goodwill is in charge of selling our former life. Good luck with that, we’re done with it.

The most restful day turned out to be my colonoscopy appointment. For an hour, I slept while my doctor did his thing. Since my mother was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer at exactly my age, this appointment provided the perfect combination of rest and relief. With our health checks behind us, we are ready to board a plane – destination Paris – on May 2nd.

In the meantime, we will visit each of our three children starting in Charlottesville, Virginia, then onto Washington D.C., and finally back in Philadelphia. After ten days of dirty, hard work, we can’t wait to kick back for a few weeks.

People ask me how I like retirement. Honestly, I never think about it. Someday, will it hit me? I guess. But it hasn’t yet, and I doubt it will. I am too consumed by the future to be obsessed with the past. And we are so incredibly busy!

While in Denver, we upgraded our technology – including choices to support a global, lightweight life, and did the same with our clothing. I attended the Easter sunrise service at Red Rocks Amphitheater and booked all our apartments through next March.

All of that is fodder for future posts. For now, we are focused on moving straight ahead with our eyes on the road and all our possessions in the world stuffed into a space no bigger than my former laundry room. Last week was exhausting, but now – liberating.

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  1. Unbelievable. Can’t believe it’s already time for Paris. I truly wish the best life together for you and Pat. Love it! Live it!

  2. So a colonoscopy is really not that bad? You sleep through it? Maybe l will consider it. My dad died of colon cancer, and l know l should start getting it done..:-(. I hope when we visit the later on in the year, we can be just as ruthless with getting rid of our storage unit stuff…


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