New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve

In the corporate world, at least in my corporate world, each year we write our commitments to the business. Then at the end of each year, we document how we executed against those commitments. It’s the corporate American version of New Year’s resolutions. A piece focuses on skill development. The remainder outlines those deliverables which will drive business results. While I don’t love the process, few of us do, I accept that it serves a purpose.

So it is with resolutions. While the predominant opinion seems to be dismissive, “I never make resolutions. Why bother? They are a waste of time.” I tend to disagree. A bit of annual introspection and goal setting can’t hurt, right?

This year, if I were a betting person, I will transition from the corporate world to the blogging world. We will start to live here and there and, for the first time, actually enter “The World in Between”. Looking forward to this transition, my goals orient around my health, my finances, and my writing.

First, that mother of all resolutions, my health. Corporate Americans tend to work too much and under too much stress and eat on the road or on the run. Before I studied Computer Science, I attended Michigan State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. There, we learned a phrase, “wasty in the dewlap” for those cows with an abundance of wrinkled, excessive skin draped around their necks. After 32 years of corporate life, I have become a bit wasty in the dewlap. Part of this transition needs to be a focus on improving my overall health. Surfing lessons in September catapults this to more than a goal – it is an act of survival. My son, Ryan. gave me Laird Hamilton’s book; Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul, and, of course, Surfing. I have some work to do. Stay tuned.

Second, my blogging life will pay a fraction of my corporate life (OK. Fine. My blogging life will pay nothing). I must discover cheap alternatives: cooking versus eating out; a 270 square foot apartment (being in Paris will help); attending free church concerts; selling my plasma and other replenishable body fluids. I am not fussed about this. Pat and I are people of few needs. Living in Central Europe has taught me to embrace small living – which is fortuitous, since it’s our future.

Lastly, I need to improve this blog, specifically the quality of my writing. To this end, I have signed up for two writing courses. First, Rolf Potts’ creative non-fiction seminar in Paris. Then, shortly thereafter, Don George’s class in San Francisco. I want to master the art of story telling. Beyond quality, I hope to whittle down my list of 20 plus posts not yet written. Today, writing is how I pass the time on my train commute. Someday soon, it will be more than that.

Whether you consider this a time for resolutions, or simply reflection and goal setting, now is the perfect chance to create a new plan or tweak an existing one. The World in Between is that time frame between two points. For me, those points are from the end of my corporate career until the time I stop breathing. Introspection and goal setting help me focus.

Whatever you want to accomplish this year, and however you plan to turn your dreams into reality, I hope you have a Happy and Fulfilling New Year.

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