Off to see Taylor in the Big Apple…

looking thru the back window at Moma in New York City

Love a girl who loves museums!

This week is spring break for our daughter, Taylor. “Hey mom, can we meet up someplace? It’s my break, and I don’t have any plans.” She didn’t want to trek all the way to Budapest. Yet, I hoped to avoid flying to Colorado. I proposed a range of compromises. 

“Sure. You pick it: London, New York City, or if I must, Denver.” She picked New York. I thought she would.

Today, Wednesday, I am flying to New York. Ryan will come up from Philadelphia for one night before he takes off to Chicago for the weekend. Sunday afternoon, I’ll return to Budapest and Taylor will return to Boulder to finish her last semester. My friends say, “I can’t believe you would fly to the United States for a long weekend. That’s crazy.”

It’s not crazy to me. I flew to Buenos Aires for one night for my employer. I’m certainly going to fly to New York for a long weekend to see my daughter.

Besides, Taylor is a great travel companion. As our “baby”, she got an early start on travel and is used to picking museums over malls and site seeing until she drops (Me, 9:00PM, Washington DC: “Come on guys, let’s just check out the Lincoln Memorial, and then we can have dinner!”) She emailed a list of the places she wants to see: The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Brewery, The New York Public Library (yes!!), and MOMA…. and maybe a Broadway play. God I love this kid.

She and I have a history of girls trips; Venice one year before Christmas, Rome over New Years, Paris and Spain during two different spring breaks, Jordan this past winter break. Thankfully Pat supports these getaways – encourages them even. He doesn’t complain when I scrimp on meals for a month to pay for them (“Oh my gosh, mac and cheese… Again… My favorite!”) I made a huge pot of soup before I left for two reasons; 1. so he won’t stave and 2. to demonstrate how much I love him for this.

I’ll take my computer and each morning I will check into work. I’m not a work martyr, but I accept I will be getting up in the middle of the night, while Taylor will want to sleep through breakfast. I might blog if the spirit moves me, but usually when we travel, I do not write about it. I struggle to rip off a witty travel post from the road without a ridiculous amount of effort – research and copious note taking. I need to master this, but I haven’t yet. Blogging remains, for me, hard work.

As this blog post hits my site, I’ll be jetting across the Atlantic someplace between Heathrow and JFK. I’ll try to sleep on the plane realizing I have four days of sleep deprivation ahead of me. There are way too few girls trips in our future. I want to enjoy every second of this one while it lasts.

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  1. Have fun guys! If you go to Brooklyn Brewery, definitely spend some time walking around Brooklyn. The area near the brewery is cool, and Park Slope is fun too.

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