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The McDonald's sign taken down from the Danube in Budapest

The neon McDonald’s sign is gone… Thank you!!

A few months ago, I wrote a a ranting blog post about the McDonald’s sign perched on a rooftop over the banks of the Danube. The sign was particularly irksome given this stretch of the Danube is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sign stood out as a neon scar across an otherwise spectacular vista. Plain and simple, I just hated this sign. Besides, it’s one more reason to get into the ‘Have I told you why I hate Americans?” conversation prompted whenever a McDonald’s or Starbucks is in sight.

I suspected Pat never really listened to my rants. Then, a few days ago, he burst into the apartment (Pat doesn’t usually burst). “Julie, I took a picture for your blog. Look! You won’t believe it. No sign.” (I love that Pat believes my blog wields this kind of power).

The p McDonald's sign on the roof near the Danube in Budapest Hungary

The view with the dastardly sign

Of course, I accept the confines of my nonexistent influence. I had nothing to do with the sign decision. A big shout out to whomever deserves the credit, thank you. The Danube banks are uncluttered for the first time since I visited Budapest in 2006. One of the most amazing views in Europe just got better.

My guess, the sign came down as part of massive renovation which has cut a tornado path though the city core. While many of the locals feel the investment is unaffordable given the current economy, Budapest could be a booming tourist destination. I tend to support the improvements.

We have learned to cheer the little wins. Hence, a sign removal became cause for celebration. Who knows, maybe this weekend we’ll stop by and order a Big Mac to show our thanks – then walk out onto the bridge and enjoy the view.

View of the Danube in Budapest at night

My vote for most spectacular view in Europe

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