Central/Eastern Europe

Information on places we visited and lived in Central and Eastern Europe

The Slovenia Coast

The Slovenian coast is an Adriatic potpourri – complex and multi-layered, a sedimentary culture  created through its varied past.  Caught in the middle of a centuries long Roman, Hapsburg and Ottoman tug of war, Slovenia emerged as an independent country just recently, in… Read More ›


The ride from Zagreb to Ljubljana was a vast improvement over the ride from Budapest to Zagreb – shorter (a bit over 2 hours), cooler and more scenic.  Before I thought to glance at my watch, we had arrived.  In both Zagreb… Read More ›


As the sun set, I waited on St. Mark’s square in the medieval old city of Zagreb. Lamps on the streets leading to the square glowed. But on the square itself, the lamps remained extinguished since the morning’s dawn. The… Read More ›